NAGA Educational Scholarship Grant

National Amputee Golf Association
Educational Scholarship Grant

One of the goals of our Association is to provide educational assistance to an amputee member or his or her dependent(s). Applications are being accepted from qualified individuals for an educational grant. The scholarship grant will be considered and may be awarded at the National Amputee Golf Association Board of Trustees Meetings in conjunction with the National Tournaments(scheduled for September, 2015.)

Criteria for the grant and the methods for implementation are as follows:

1. The amount of the grant for a four-year Bachelors’ degree will be $1,000.00/year (maximum), which will be awarded in increments of $500.00/semester. Tri-semester programs will be considered but not applicable with regards to payment method. If an individual is selected, the grant will be issued each year for a maximum of four (4) years or until graduation, whichever occurs first. For a two-year non- Bachelors’ degree or technical/associates degree, the award will be for a maximum of $500/year or $250/semester.

2. The primary purpose of this grant is to assist an amputee member or their dependent in the payment of tuition and fees while pursuing an undergraduate or two year vocational/technical degree at an accredited college, vocational/technical school or institution. The check will be made payable to the Award recipient.

3. Once selected as a NAGA Scholarship Award recipient, the continuation of the grant will be based on the following four items:

       A. Maintaining a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale per semester. Should the average fall below this minimum, NAGA may request the name of the guidance counselor at the institution in order to obtain additional information upon which to base its determination for continuation. A probationary period of one semester may be authorized if the GPA drops appreciably below the established standard.
     B. Continuing evidence of financial need.
     C. Continuation of membership The qualified scholarship recipient must maintain continuing evidence of the payment of annual membership dues for the duration of the scholarship if a Regular member. Should the recipient be the dependent of an amputee, the parent must remain current with annual dues for the scholarship period if a Regular member of NAGA.
     D. Timely submission of enrollment certifications and grades for subjects taken. See A. above.

When the criteria of items A, B, C, & D are received and verified, a scholarship award check will be issued. Should an enrollment be received after the semester is completed, no check will be issued for that semester. It is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient to insure timely submission of the requested documents for the duration of the scholarship. NAGA will not issue reminders that the materials are due.

4. Selection Criteria. 
     A. The individual must be an amputee member in good standing in the NAGA.
     B. The applicant’s scholastic background must be sufficient for admission to an accredited institution. Please provide an acceptance letter from the institution to which you have applied or an enrollment certification if currently enrolled.
     C. An applicant must demonstrate a need for financial assistance. To do this, submit a Student Aid Report. The report can be obtained through your high school, college, or library. This is a standard form that is used throughout the nation for educational scholarship/aid programs.
     D. The individual must be enrolled, at a minimum of 1/2 time.

5. Application Procedures
     A. Please submit a resume no later than July 1, 2015 to:

                    Scholarship Grant Program
                    701 Orkney Ct.
                    Smyrna, TN 37167-6395

     B. The application should be submitted with the requested information in Item #4 along with the following information
          1. Personal information: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.
          2. Scholastic background: GPA (high school/college), course(s) of study, etc.
          3. Type of amputation cause: if applicable.

     C. A cover letter describing your plans for the future: Major field of study, career plans, interests, etc.

Notification of the individual(s) selected will be made, in most cases, not later than two weeks after the completion of the National Championship. Presence of the Applicant at the NAGA banquet at the National Championships is requested, however, it is not required nor is it a factor in the determination of the scholarship grant recipient.

The NAGA is pleased to be able to offer this Scholarship on behalf of its Members.

Kenny Greene
Executive Director – NAGA

NAGA is a not for profit 501©3 Organization