Tournament Registration - Sacramento
We look forward to seeing you at the tournament! Entry Deadline is June 24th 2021.

When paying by check, makes checks payable to WAGA print the email you receive and send with payment to the address of the tournament director found in the body of the email. Thank you!

  Remember to hit "Send" before continuing to the payment section below. 

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Tournament Fees
Includes Golf & cart, prizes

$150 Amputee & Disabled Entry Fee – 2 Days 
$75 Guest Fee – Saturday 
$20 – WAGA 2021 Membership 
$75 Guest Fee – Sunday
$20 – NAGA 2021 Membership (optional) 

Chris Paulsen, Tournament Chair
6013 Shenandoah Dr Sacramento CA 95841
PH: 916-203-0777 e-mail: