Tournament Results 2017

                             17th Annual Washington Amputee Golf Tournament

The Washington Amputee Golf Tournament was a success.  There were 40 players, including sponsors and guests. I want to thank every one of you for supporting this event.  I hope you were all happy with the tournament. I have to apologize as when I gave out the trophies I took the results from the gross and not the net.  Therefore, there are five changes and the plaques will be sent to the proper winner.  Those who received theirs in error may keep them.
I want to say that the number of amputees have been dropping off.  We had 17 amputees/disabled with 23 normies.  If the numbers continue to drop I might not be able to continue the tournament, as it is difficult to ask for funding for amputees and have mostly normies.  Please talk to any amputee to support the 2018 tournament.

We would also like to thank our special guests for coming out, Former Seahawks, Alonso Mitz, Nesby Glasgow (Go Dawgs!) and Randal Morris. Go Hawks!

The Results

1st Place : Robert Flowers, 123
2nd Place : Francis Miglino, 124 (close race you guys)
3rd Place : Johnny Loya, 131

Senior BK 
1st Place : Mike Lorenz, 135
2nd Place : Warren Maerki, 154

1st Place : Eric R. Johnson, 144
2nd Place : Michael Smith, 145 (another close race)

Senior AK
1st Place : Michael Brassil, 149
2nd Place : Lonny Meadows, 167

1st Place : Robert Martin, 133

1st Place : Paul Hebert, 134
2nd Place : Randy Paigen, 147

1st Place : Kyle Bailey, 132

Senior AE
1st Place : Two way tie, 144 (should have had them play the 18th one more time)
Mark Benson
Keith Kincy

1st Place : Willy Blaylock

Guest Women
1st Place : Cheryl Benson, 137
2nd Place : Donna Miglino, 138
3rd Place : Shelly Brassil, 142

Guest Men
1st Place : Fredrick Moore, 129
2nd Place : Paul Bailey, 132
3rd Place : Alonzo Mitz, 134

Senior Guest Men
1st Place : Greg Patton, 150
2nd Place : Bob Sudderth, 171 

1st Place : Joel Rinta, 141
2nd Place : Tim Zanas, 148
3rd Place : Lloyd Kaide, 162 

Low Gross : Francis Miglino

Low Net : Robert Flowers