Western Washington Amputee Open-2015 Results



15th Annual Western Washington Amputee Open
“I want to thank all who participated and supported this tournament.  Next year there will be changes made to bring this tournament in line with the other tournaments.”
Lonny Meadows


Low gross went to Francis Miglino and low net went to Eric A Johnson.

Flight 1 – 1st Dan Huntley, 2nd Francis Miglino, 3rd Robert Flowers

Flight 2 – 1st Mike Lorenz, 2nd Ross Martin, 3rd Tim rank

Flight 3 – 1st Eric R. Johnson

Flight 4 – 1st Michael Brassil, 2nd Chris Wicks

Flight 5 1st Mark Benson

Flight 6 1st Keith Kincy

Flight 7 scratched

Flight 8 1st Paul Hebert

Flight 9 scratched

Flight 10 1st Willy Blaylock, 2nd Bob Riggan

Flight 11 scratched

Flight 12 1st Eric A. Johnson, 2nd Clark Iverson, 3rd Alonzo Mitz

Flight 13 1st Shelly Brassil, 2nd Kathryn Gunther, 3rd Donna Miglino

Flight 14 1st Nick Roumonda, 2nd Tim Zanas, 3rd Joel Rinta.